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Hey, I am Beate Neimane - Kolding photographer.

I am originally from Latvia (where I do photoshoots time to time), but currently, I am based in Kolding, Denmark. There is nothing I enjoy more than capturing all those little, beautiful moments - a couple wrapped in a blanket, drinking coffee and discussing their trip to the Bahamas or a family of multiple generations playing hide and seek. It would be a huge honor to capture your story and create new wonderful memories. Photography is a tool for me to not only make physical evidence of precious memories but also a tool to capture and share how wonderful this world is.

I love traveling and exploring new places and new cultures, learning different languages and traditions. I am totally open to doing photoshoot abroad because I just cannot say "NO" to two things that make me so excited.

I am a vegan and feel compassion for all beings in this world - being in nature is a way for me to recharge and be in peace with myself. There is nothing that makes me calmer than going for a walk near the sea,  breathing the brisk spring air and feeling the fresh breeze in my hair.